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indian filmmaker,writer, producer and cinematographer

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"Teen Satyi is the name of an out-of-the-box documentary that narrates the true experiences of three people who chose to live differently with the courage of their convictions. The English name of the film, is In Fact because of the authenticity of the stories. Teen Satyi shows how tough it is for the ‘others’ with alternate sexuality to find acceptance and recognition within the mainstream if and when they come out of their ‘closeted’ existence or after they discover their sexual identities."
"Debalina Majumder’s documentary Gay India Matrimony similarly asks, “Why marriage?” in a fun, entertaining, and delightful manner. Not many people or organisations make queer, political movies, and that’s also why it received an ‘A’ certificate. As per the filmmaker Debalina, the reason must be sexuality or homosexuality, as the movie discusses social recognition of homosexuality."
“Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer. We felt totally comfortable with you and the pictures are out of this world! We will recommend you to all of our friends!
Francis Mathis

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